photo of arched window from the outside of the home photo of arched window from the inside of the home looking out, creates light and an elegant frame

Custom Orders

Custom-fit to your home

  • Energy Savers
  • Durable Materials
  • Architectural Quality
  • Expert Installs & Repairs

Windows & Doors

Windows and doors brighten your home inside and its architectural beauty outside. They let you enjoy everyday life – open a window for fresh air, or go out the patio door on Barbecue Sundays. They also protect your home’s energy, since the majority of home heating and cooling loss occurs around windows and doors. Having the right windows and doors – properly installed – is crucial to your home’s comfort, ease of use, and day-to-day cost.

Arteman’s Construction helps you find the best solutions for your home and budget. During our in-home consultation, we review options to repair existing parts or to upgrade for improved use and appeal.

Expert Installation

As a licensed and certified contractor, I use industry best practices with every job. Properly installed and sealed windows and doors reduce air leaks and energy costs, and protect your home’s siding from rain and water damage. Poor installation, or weakening seals by weather and sunlight, over time will leak water onto your structure.

Our broad construction knowledge allows us to anticipate and prevent future problems. Warranties are only valid if you follow specific installation and maintenance guidelines. My expert team and I take the time to review your warranty with you and ensure proper installation so your warranty – and home – remain intact.

Quality Materials

We care about the brands we use and stand behind their installation. Quality materials protect your home from the outdoor elements and are easy to operate. We recommend and custom order certain brands, such as Andersen® – 2010 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year, whose warranty and durability we trust.

We help you select materials that best suit your home and its weather exposure. Wood and vinyl react differently to weather conditions, and choices such as single, French, and sliding doors vary in energy efficiency. Storm windows and doors also prevent drafts and help primary windows and doors last longer. Our knowledgeable team helps you choose among many durable, energy-efficient solutions.

We answer your questions about aesthetic features that add appeal, light and roominess, such as bay and arched windows, and functional open-close options, such as awning or sliding windows. We can also review various frame and sash options, or even special glass types, such as dust-free blinds built into the glass.

Let Arteman’s Construction help you find the best solutions for your home. Contact us today for a free in-home consultation.