photo of wooden arbor with bench, a custom-designed and custom-built landscape structure photo of retaining wall, a custom-built landscape structure


Tailor-made to your home

  • Sculpted Landscapes
  • Energy Saving
  • Custom Designs
  • Intricate Carpentry

Landscape Structures

Landscape structures make a home more inviting and its landscaping easier to maintain. There are many ways to enhance gardens and landscaping, from supportive retaining walls and mulch and rock beds to decorative and functional arbors, trellises and pergolas.

Arteman’s Construction will help you choose the best options for your landscaping, lifestyle and budget. We both design and construct the project with your needs in mind.

Retaining Walls

Arteman’s Construction creates attractive, durable retaining walls that make your garden and landscaping easier to manage. Oftentimes, an uneven landscape requires support to contain a flowerbed or sustain level ground. During our consultation, we review the landscape and weather exposure to help you choose among landscaping blocks and wood for aesthetic, maintenance-free options that suit your home.

Mulch and Rock Beds

Mulch, made of wood, and rock beds create attractive bordering around a home. They also prevent weeds and reduce watering needs, saving homeowners time maintaining the landscape and conserving water and energy costs.

Arteman’s Construction helps you find the best options for your landscape. During our consultation, we review the plants’ needs and sun and moisture exposure to determine whether plants will require the moisture-retaining benefits of mulch or can endure rock, which is long-lasting and upkeep-free. Our custom designs also help you decide the most appealing fit for your home and landscaping.

Arbors, Trelises and Pergolas

Arteman’s Construction works closely with you to design decorative and functional structures that enhance your home and landscaping and how you plan to use them. With our extensive carpentry experience, we build intricate woodwork and latticework that integrate plants and functionality, from grape arbors and floral trellises to covered walkways and pergolas with benches. We custom build structures to bring you greater use and enjoyment of your home.

Arteman’s Construction takes great care in planning and building your landscape structures. Contact Us today for a free consultation.