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Roomier, modern comforts

  • Custom Cabinetry
  • Modern design
  • Enhanced function
  • More room for your needs

Kitchens & Bathrooms

Kitchens and bathrooms are the most valued part of a home. As the most used rooms in the home, their condition influences a home's worth. Stylish updates to kitchens and bathrooms increase the use and enjoyment of your home, and its value.

Whether you require major repairs, minor upgrades or a complete remodel, Arteman’s Construction takes care to achieve the highest quality work. With broad construction, electrical and maintenance experience, we both design and build these sophisticated projects.

Kitchen Upgrades

During our in-home consultation, we review your needs and discuss a variety of layout, design and customization options.

Cabinets and drawers can change a kitchen’s entire look and create space. Experts in repair, we review replacement options for existing cabinet parts. Skilled in carpentry and custom-cabinetry, we also discuss your remodel plans and help achieve the look you desire.

We help you make functional and aesthetic upgrades, including countertops that are more modern, durable, and heat- and cold-resistant. We review counter and flooring samples – from marble and stone to tiling and more. When needed, we help you select new appliance faces and matching panel covers to blend with the kitchen remodel design. We also help you upgrade lighting and hardware, such as drawer and cabinet handles and new kitchen windows.

Bathroom Upgrades

Whether you require repairs or seek a more functional and modern bathroom, Arteman’s Construction takes the time to discuss your choices for bathroom upgrades.

When water damage is involved, such as mold, peeling paint or falling tiles, we review minimally-invasive repair options. If water damage is significant, it may call for replacing tiling and fixtures, such as showers and sinks. These emergent repairs can present an opportunity to upgrade and improve the value and enjoyment of your home.

We review a variety of layout options and fixture choices, from tubs, showers and sinks, to storage areas – all of which can be custom-designed. Once the core plan is decided, we help you choose among attractive tiling materials and patterns, and hardware ranging from mirrors to shower doors.

Room Expansions

Kitchen and bath remodels involve multiple consultations when moving or opening up walls. Perhaps you want an expanded shower, bigger bathtub, more bathroom closet or kitchen pantry space, a bay window, or a great room joining the kitchen and living room.

We work with you to create a blueprint that meets your satisfaction, after which a final meeting covers the construction plan and careful remodeling procedures while your home remains in use.

Quality Care and Attention

Arteman’s Construction takes great care with your home during remodeling. We follow thorough cleanliness procedures, sectioning off the construction area and managing daily clean-up of an ongoing project. We take precautions to be as minimally invasive as possible so that areas in your home not under construction are still comfortable for your use.

I care how your home looks, functions and lasts. I work with quality building materials and understand how weather and use will affect them. Customers rely on me for honest assessments. I ensure the completed job is attractive and built to last.

We’d love to help with your next renovation. Contact Us for a free in-home consultation.