photo of wooden arbor with bench, a custom-designed and custom-built landscape structure photo of wooden arbor with bench, a custom-designed and custom-built landscape structure

Digging & Hauling

State-of-the-art equipment

  • Skilled operators
  • Laser measurements
  • Expert foundation work
  • Concrete leveling
  • Landscape contouring
  • Drainage tile repair
  • Efficient hauling & delivery

Excavation & Dump Truck Services

Tough jobs call for specialized equipment run by skilled operators. Arteman’s Construction takes care of your digging and hauling needs with its owned and operated excavation and dump truck equipment.

Whether you need drainage tile repairs, crawl space and Foundation excavation, or grading and contouring, we excavate, reshape, haul and deliver materials to help your project run smoothly and efficiently.

Dump Truck Services

Most excavation projects require a dump truck to move and haul bulk items. Arteman’s Construction will haul away dirt and debris or deliver new materials to your dig or construction site. Whatever your landscaping or building materials, simply call us to schedule our hauling service on the date of your materials shipment and construction.

Drainage Tile Repairs

Using our excavation equipment, Arteman’s Construction repairs collapsed drainage tiles and clears drainage ditches so water doesn’t pool and damage your field and crops. We work around the weather to ensure your repairs are completed before crop season.

Crawl Spaces and Foundations

Rely on Arteman’s Construction for digging crawl spaces and foundations underneath the home. Our excavation equipment digs out areas for the crawl space, foundation and concrete footings, and our skilled and attentive professionals use laser equipment to ensure proper heights at multiple points where excavating and grading.

Grading and Contouring

A variety of building and landscaping projects require moving and reshaping ground. Our excavation equipment hollows out and re-contours land, whether for a yard, ditch or retaining wall, and our laser equipment ensures proper heights for grading. We use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure quality digging and leveling for special construction jobs, including storm shelters, driveways and sidewalks.

Light Demolition

Arteman’s Construction’s equipment can tear down small- to mid-sized structures, such as a garage, barn or shed. Our light demolition covers complete-structure demolition.

Speedy Scheduling

Usually one week’s notice is sufficient to schedule a materials delivery, digging or hauling. Many of our excavation, dump truck and drainage repair services can be accomplished in less than one day, while larger projects including crawl spaces and foundations require more time.  Project length depends on site access, conditions and the area's size.

Simple deliveries and most drainage tile repairs can be arranged over the phone, while digging, hauling and grading jobs require a site visit to ensure equipment accessibility and measurements.

Let us help with your hauling and digging needs. Contact Us to schedule a delivery, repair or site consultation.