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Electrical Service

Repair and restoration

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  • Minor upgrade & repair
  • Whole house rewires

Electrical Repairs

Whether you need a switch or outlet repair, electrical rewiring, an electrical service upgrade, or a new installation, let Arteman’s Construction service all your electrical repair needs.

During an in-home evaluation, we investigate the problem and discuss needed repairs. There are many different types of electrical repairs:

Switches & outlets - Often a minor repair or replacement to a switch or outlet will restore electrical function, for example, to a light switch or electrical outlet. Our expert professionals will determine the source of the problem and safely make the needed repairs. For your safety, always let a skilled professional handle your electrical repairs.

Outdated fixtures - Sometimes outdated fixtures cause a short or create the appearance that an electrical appliance, such as a ceiling fan or porch light, is malfunctioning. Our skilled technicians will help you determine whether a fixture needs replacement or repair.

Electrical rewiring - When an outdated fixture has a short in it or is very old, the wires behind the fixture may be deteriorated and require updating to ensure the fixture operates safely. Rewiring may also be needed in order to have more power, for example when installing a new appliance or remodeling to accommodate bigger electrical appliances, such as built-in ovens or home theaters.

Arteman’s Construction will assess whether local rewiring near the upgraded appliance will suffice or, in certain cases, if whole house rewiring is needed because an old house cannot accommodate newer appliances or is tripping circuit breakers.

Whole house rewiring - Whole house rewiring may also be necessary when the mechanical safety of the wire is deteriorating in the wall, or if the existing electrical wiring has no grounds. Although 90% of modern home appliances and devices have a built-in safety ground or double insulation on it, older homes do not have this security measure. The wiring on an appliance is only as good as the wiring on your home. Most homeowners do not realize that if you have a two-wire unground system, then your appliance – regardless of whether it is ground by a three-pronged plug – is also ungrounded.

Electrical service - Whether your electrical service needs repair or upgrading, Arteman’s Construction will update the panel and meter on the side of your house, including its wiring, pipes, meter base and, when needed, whole electrical panel.

New installations - When you need to install a whole house generator, our skilled professionals will install the generator and pipe it into your natural gas or LP, and will input the transfer switch that hooks into your electrical panel.

Electrical repairs usually take one day or less, while more extensive whole house upgrades or new installations can take longer. Our attentive professionals will discuss with you all repair needs, including scheduling the power to be shut off during repair, and any choices to make for new or replacement parts and fixtures.

During the repair, our skilled technicians follow thorough cleanliness procedures and take great care to ensure your home remains comfortable and safe for your use. Our goal is to safely and efficiently restore your home's electrical functioning.

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